Acimatic on the road


Acimatic Fornt End


Low Lever Interface :Siemens S7 PLC
DB Architecture :Firebird 1.5
Fornt-End Application:Delphi 7.0
Date of firt intallation:October 2007

traslatore in missioneAcimatic is an automation project developed in collaboration with Automata sas.The goal of this architecture is define and manage alla production line . This automated line outputs cilinders for offsets printing systems.

A video produced in a production line in Milan (Italy)


Progettazione e interfaccia hardware con PLC :Pierluigi Gabelloni (Automata sas)
Sviluppo modulo front-end e DB Interface con Delphi:Ivan Revelli
Supporto alla gestione del lay-out e di stile :Walter Paludet

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